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Higher Synthesis unites all three projects covering my work as a pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist, researcher, and public intellectual with a deep commitment to regenerating our planet's health and intelligence.

Higher Synthesis Foundation is my non-profit 501c3 to inspire, support, coordinate, and perform research about successful approaches to complex health and environmental problems.

Higher Synthesis Works houses my writing, speaking, publication and other activities, with the aim of showing that higher synthesis indeed works.


Higher Synthesis Health will open as a part-time practice in the fall of  2014.

The procedures for getting an appointment to and participating in the practice are:

  1. Complete a short online screener on a secure website (OpenMedNet) about why you want to work with Higher Synthesis Health
  2. If you and HSH are a good match, you will receive more detailed information about policies, procedures and costs.
    • If not, you will still be free to participate in OpenMedNet to organize your medical information in this powerful online system through its patient portal and to participate in studies and social networking.
  3. If policies, procedures and costs are agreeable to you, you will be asked to:
    1. fill out an online consent form giving you choices about how your data is handled
    2. fill out several questionnaires depending on what part of the practice you want to work with
    3. upload prior clinical information including clinical notes, labs, imaging studies, evaluations, reports and other information you deem relevant.  There will be some charge for the time it takes to review these materials.
    4. schedule an in-person appointment
  4. In person evaluation and plan
  5. Tests and followup

After an initial in-person appointment, telephone or skype followup is available but it will be billed.


HSH is a cash-based practice – i.e., we will not bill insurance for you.  It is not logistically feasible for such a small practice to take that on.  You will receive an invoice documenting diagnostic and procedural codes, that can be submitted for insurance reimbursement.  We will make every effort to increase the odds that your insurance company will reimburse you, but we cannot guarantee that they will do so.