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Higher Synthesis unites all three projects covering my work as a pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist, researcher, and public intellectual with a deep commitment to regenerating our planet's health and intelligence.

Higher Synthesis Foundation is my non-profit 501c3 to inspire, support, coordinate, and perform research about successful approaches to complex health and environmental problems.

Higher Synthesis Works houses my writing, speaking, publication and other activities, with the aim of showing that higher synthesis indeed works.

Approach: From Fragments to Synthesis

Higher Synthesis Health: Beyond Fragmented Medicine


Putting the Pieces Together

The conventional practice of medicine today is fragmented into specialties. It deals with symptoms rather than the underlying imbalances driving those symptoms.

In my Higher Synthesis Health practice I aim to look at each person in a whole systems, integrated way, with particular emphasis on the following themes:

  • The Brain is part of the Body and is influenced by the whole system’s health
  • The Body is influenced by the Brain and Mind – by the brain’s regulatory systems, by thoughts, feelings, intentions and dreams
  • Aiming at optimizing the whole system will give the best results
  • Understanding how the whole system works requires knowledge and thinking grounded in physiology and anatomy
  • The “evolutionary medicine” approach grounds this knowledge and thinking in an appreciation of where the system came from – and helps us to avoid choices that conflict with what our systems have been designed over long biological time periods to do.
  • Personalized medicine needs much more than genetics
    • Genetics gives us weaknesses and strengths
    • But health, and especially chronic and complex conditions, are greatly shaped by environment and lifestyle – exposures, diet, exercise, stress, sleep habits etc.
    • I see physiology as central. Therefore the HSH approach is to partner with the patient to upgrade resilience by leveraging opportunities for improvement in body and brain physiology
    • Everyday Epigenetics”  means making every daily choice a healthy choice, because  even little things can make a big difference.
  • I recognize that “The Truth is The Whole,” and even if the whole is not fully knowable, I aim to take account of as much of it as possible, so we can create the best solutions, and the greatest improvements in well-being and resiliency.